Integrated Handle

  • Sleeker profile but retains functionality.

High wear resistant mouth ProGlide™

  • Reduces friction between hose and reel mouth lessening wear and reducing fatigue.


  • Retracta Adjustable Control Return system available on R3-P+.

Increased internal capacity

  • Reduces hose build-up and allows for longer hose lengths.

Upgraded Main Spring TRC®

  • Higher capacity allowing more turns.
  • Increased service life.
  • Precise German engineering (Texture Rolled Carbon®).

Safe tensioning mechanism

  • Uni-directional ratchet to stop main spring release while tensioning.

Wider mounting bracket

  • Sturdier, more stable support for reel.

Overrun protection on spring

  • Prevents spring damage on drum overrun.

Fully serviceable

  • Repair kits available.
  • 10 year guarantee on parts.